• George Chatzopoulos was born in Athens and has come from a musical family.

  • From an early age he is committed to the guitar. He made his first live performances while still a high school student and has since been working as a professional musician. As a teenager, he was involved in various rock groups writing his own music, while continuing studying music theory in local music school and in private lessons. He was awarded a scholarship after his participation at Berklee's college of music 1992 international scholarship auditions but due to family and professional obligations he finally remained in Greece.

  • As a session guitarist, he collaborates with artists from across the spectrum of Greek music and he performs live throughout Greece and in major cities around the world. He also has a wide repertoire as a recording studio guitarist (

  • He is teaching guitar and music theory in all grades.

  • He is a graduate with honors (100/100), of West London University (LLCM in Music Performance, NQF Level 6) and is a member of the RGT.

  • As a solo performer on fingerstyle guitar, he arranges and plays music from different genres (pop/rock, classical, jazz, ethnic, Greek etc), creating  setlists based on a repertoire which is continually enriched. He has already released albums and singles (Shop) and he enjoys performing live and in clinics.